The future of Chinese toilets!


Public toilets in China continue to gain media attention. Last month, public toilets of Shaanxi Normal University in Xian were in the spotlight since this University decided to install women’s standing urinals.


Female urinal costs 2000 RMB, and are considered a green investment because Shaanxi Normal University can save 160 tons of water a year. For the same reason, the city of Xi'an decided also to install the first unisex standing urinals in Taibai Road. The new Shopping Park public restroom, in Jiefang Avenue, attracts even more attention, because it's really public: the wall of the public toilets are made of transparent glass and don’t give any privacy to the user


Shopping Park, Jiefang Avenue, Hankou


Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'An


Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'An


Taibai, Xi'An


Taibai, Xi'An


Taibai, Xi'An


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