Once we were a psychedelic band ...

In 2001 China-Underground team was a ... psychedelic ensemble! Listen to the only jam session survived from that period. Add a comment

China's Largest Sex Toys Market is not so Sexy

Guangzhou wholesale market covers a wide range of women's clothes, children's clothes, lingerie and adult products. Add a comment

Fashionista: street snapping from China

West trend of street snap is becoming more and more popular among young Chinese. Add a comment

8 Animals Eaten Alive in China - Graphic Content

For some religious people is forbid to eat any portion that is cut from animals that are still alive. On the contrary the practice of eating alive animals is widespread around Asia. In Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and even in China is considered delicious and synonymous of freshness. Add a comment

The Largest Second Generation Robot Restaurant in China

Recently in Kunshan City, a satellite city in greater Suzhou region, Jiangsu Province, a local impresario opened the largest Chinese restaurant where robotsĀ  provide meals to customers. Add a comment