Countdown starts for Chinas space station in 2020

Authorities in charge of the manned space program unveiled plans on Monday to build a 60-ton space station, made up of three capsules, and develop a cargo spaceship to transport supplies. The China Manned Space Engineering Office said at a news conference that it also wants the public to get involved by suggesting names for the space station, due to completed around 2020. According to documents provided by the office, the space station, weighing about 60 tons, is composed of a core ... Add a comment

Second moon probe next year

&$&$Another spacecraft launch likely in 2010 to prepare for space lab&$&$ China plans to launch Chang'e-2, the country's second lunar probe, at the end of 2010, space authorities announced yesterday. The design and production of Chang'e-2 is complete, and the lunar orbiter is undergoing ground tests, the State Administration of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense said yesterday in a news release. Chang'e-2 is expected to test the soft-landing technological capabi ... Add a comment

China to put Tiangong-1 into space next year

China is to put an unmanned space module into space in 2010, a space expert said in Beijing Wednesday. Weighing about 8.5 tonnes, Tiangong-1 is able to perform long-term unattended operation, which will be an essential step toward building a space station. &$&$Source:Xinhua&$&$ ... Add a comment

Expert Chinas space technology close moon landing capability

After years of development, China's space technology is close to moon landing capability, said Fu Yiqing, space expert and consultant to the Shanghai Institute of Space Propulsion (SISP). Fu, also a senior member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), said this during an interview with reporters form China News Service. New generations of Chinese taikonauts are studying moon landing technology. Although there is no big problem in the overall technical aspects of mo ... Add a comment

China plans to launch second lunar probe in October

China plans to launch the Chang'e-2, the country's second lunar probe, in October this year, an expert said Thursday. The satellite would be launched on a Long March 3-C carrier rocket, said Liang Xiaohong, Party chief of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Liang's remarks came just one day after Qi Faren, former chief designer of China's Shenzhou spaceships, said the count ... Add a comment

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