China Asks US to End Close-Up Aerial and Naval Surveillance - New York Times

BEIJING — The United States should halt its “close-in” aerial and naval surveillance of China, a senior Chinese military officer told Susan E. Rice, President Obama’s national security adviser, on Tuesday.Gen. Fan Changlong, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivered the warning on the last day of Ms. Rice’s visit to China, her f

iPhone 6: Designed in California, Leaked in China - Foreign Policy

When U.S. television star Neil Patrick Harris announced September 8 that he had married his partner of 10 years David Burtka in a ceremony in Italy, it blew up on Twitter. The post, which included the Harris quip "we put the 'n' and 'd' in husband," clocked nearly 30,000 retweets and close to 60,000 favorites within a few hours. Over in China, it... Add a comment

McDonald's Aug. Sales Metric Hurt by China Scandal - ABC News

McDonald's said Tuesday that a key global sales figure fell 3.7 percent in August, driven lower as the world's biggest hamburger chain's unit that includes the Asia-Pacific region dropped 14.5 percent due to a food-safety scandal in China. That unit also includes the Middle East and Africa. McDonald's Corp. said earlier this month that it will... Add a comment

What Do Three Of China's Richest People Have In Common? - Forbes

With a combined net worth of U.S. $43 billion, what do three of China’s richest individuals Jack Ma ($11.2 billion), Ma Huateng ($15.6 billion), and Robin Li ($16.3 billion), have in common? They’re all Internet entrepreneurs. Jack Ma is the visionary (some would say eccentric) founder of eCommerce giant Alibaba, which is just around the corner f

Ahead of Xi trip, China says not seeking to contain India - Reuters

By Ben BlanchardBEIJINGTue Sep 9, 2014 1:42pm EDTBEIJING (Reuters) - China is not seeking to contain India by military or other means, a senior diplomat said on Tuesday, ahead of a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping next week to a country with which Beijing has a history of uneasy ties and mutual suspicion.From economic parity in 1980, China's

Intl Box Office FINAL: Blockbusters Strong O'Sea Led By 'Lucy', While U.S. B.O ... -

UPDATE, Monday, 3:35 PM: Overseas actuals have been logged for Lucy, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Hercules, Into The Storm, TMNT, The Fault In Their Stars, If I Stay, 22 Jump Street, Sex Tape, Deliver Us From Evil, Boyhood, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Let’s Be Cops, As Above, So Below, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and Relatos Salvajes. Meanw

Alibaba Founder Says China Remains Focus - Wall Street Journal

Sept. 8, 2014 6:24 p.m. ET

Why the Apple iPhone lost China - MarketWatch

HONG KONG (MarketWatch) — In August of 2012, China was shocked by news that a teenager in the southern province of Hunan had sold one of his kidneys in order to raise funds to buy Apple Inc.’s

China's Antitrust Campaign Seen as Possible Breach of WTO Rules - New York Times

HONG KONG — A United States business group said on Monday that China’s recent aggressive enforcement of its antimonopoly law could be a violation of its trade agreements, a claim t

China: Shang or Zhou dynasty sword found in Jiangsu - BBC News

A Chinese boy has made the discovery of a lifetime by stumbling across a 3,000-year-old bronze sword in a river in Jiangsu Province.Eleven-year-old Yang Junxi says he touched the rusty weapon's tip while washing his hands in

Insight - Vietnam building deterrent against China in disputed seas with ... - Reuters UK

A master of guerrilla warfare, Vietnam has taken possession of two of the

Tainted Lard: China's Latest Food-Safety Scare Comes From Taiwan - Businessweek

It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, a holiday that coincides with the full moon in the eighth month of the lunar calendar, and people across the country will be celebrating by going out in the evening and gazing at the sky. Tradition calls for admiring the moon’s beauty while eating sweet round cakes loaded with egg yolks and lotus seeds,

China's Military Gets More Bang for the Buck - Bloomberg View

Whenever anyone brings up the rising military power of China, Russia and other U.S. rivals, some pundit usually pops up to remind us that America is still overwhelmingly dominant both in terms of military capability and spending. The pundit will generally offer you a chart like this one, which shows American military spending dwarfing everyone

WeChat helps Apple rack up bonus points in China - Reuters

A Beijing-based quality analyst, she gave only her surname as she's embarrassed by how much money she spends playing mobile games on WeChat, a hugely popular messaging app developed by Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd."The most expensive time was when I spent 68

Killings by China Anti-Terror Cops Raise Concerns - ABC News

When attackers from China's minority Uighurs killed 37 people in a July rampage in far western Xinjiang, police responded by gunning down at least 59 of them. When three Uighurs allegedly killed a top state-appointed Muslim cleric, police shot dead two of them. When security forces led a raid on 10 suspected Uighur terrorists, they fatally shot... Add a comment

National Security Adviser Susan Rice in China at fraught point in relationship - Fox News

September 8, 2014: U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice, left, gestures as she walks with Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi, right, before a meeting at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, Pool)BEIJING –  The White House's top national security adviser began talks in Beijing on Monday with top Chinese military

China's housing market is on the brink of collapse. Should Australia be worried? - The Guardian

After a decade of riding on the back of China with little concern about falling off, recent data has many economists worried that the ride is about to get much bumpier.
It’s perhaps not surprising that China is important not just to Australia’s economy, but the whole world’s. But just how important it has become is surprising.Back at the start of

China's Trade Surplus Hits New High - Wall Street Journal

Updated Sept. 8, 2014 10:19 a.m. ETBEIJING—China's trade surplus hit a record high in August for the second month in a row as imports fell on the back of domestic weakness in the world's second-largest economy and exports grew on stronger U.S. and foreign demand.Weak import demand suggests that the stimulus moves that Beijing has put in place this

China's August imports fall unexpectedly but exports buoyant - Reuters

Imports by the world's second-biggest economy fell 2.4 percent in August compared with a year

Hong Kong share benchmark slips, index for China stocks rises - Reuters

Mon Sep 8, 2014 12:56am EDT* HSI -0.3 pct, H-shares +0.2 pct, China shut for holiday* Chinese insurers lead gains among H-shares

Do This One Thing Before Doing Business In China - Forbes

By Dan Harris Many years ago, an American credit reporting company called me seeking help with forming a subsidiary in China (a Wholly Foreign-Owed Entity). This company told me of their extensive and expensive market research demonstrating that China had a tremendous pent-up demand for their credit reporting services. As I listened, I kept

Prophet or Judas? Son of China's church founder tackles thorny legacy. - Washington Post

BEIJING — Six decades after Y.T. Wu founded an organization used by the Communist Party to control churches in China, his son is suing the government to get Wu’s diaries back in hopes of rehabilitating his image among the many Chinese Christians who despise him. To this day, the vast rift caused by Wu’s organization defines China’s churches. Among