China Says 5 in Sect Killed Woman Who Wouldn't Join - New York Times

HONG KONG — Five defendants went on trial in eastern China on Thursday, accused of beating and kicking a woman to death in a McDonald’s restaurant after she resisted their attempt to recruit her into a sect that has been condemned by the government as a malignant cult.The trial, in the Shandong Province city of Yantai, has been widely publicized

What China wants - The Economist

AN ALARMING assumption is taking hold in some quarters of both Beijing and Washington, DC. Within a few years, China’s economy will overtake America’s in size (on a purchasing-power basis, it is already on the cusp of doing so). Its armed forces, though still dwarfed by those of the United States, are growing fast in strength; in any war in East As

China's state media jab US on Ferguson - Los Angeles Times

With the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., ongoing, countries including China have sensed a chance to strike back at what they see as the United States' preachiness and hypocrisy on human rights. This week, comments by U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf seemed to offer a new, irresistible opportunity for China’s state-run media.Facing outside

China tries five cult members for McDonald's murder - Washington Post

BEIJING — Five people went on trial Thursday in China on charges of beating a woman to death in a McDonald’s restaurant after unsuccessfully trying to recruit her to join their Christian cult.They

China economy fears deepen as August HSBC flash PMI at three-month low - Reuters

By Xiaoyi Shao and Gui Qing KohBEIJINGThu Aug 21, 2014 12:08am EDTBEIJING (Reuters) - Growth in China's vast factory sector slowed to a three-month low in August as output and new orders moderated, a preliminary private survey showed on Thursday, heightening concerns about increasing softness in the economy.The tepid reading came as China's

destiny inspires China's maritime claims - Financial Times

China’s creeping occupation of the South China Sea is not primarily motivated by oil, let alone by its diminishing stock of fish. It is about two things: strategic position, and what the nationalists running the country today view as its “manifest d

China paving the way for big Xbox One sales - PCWorld

China has approved the sale of 5 million Xbox One units, opening the way for Microsoft to make a big splash in the country’s emerging console sector.Microsoft’s Chinese partner BesTV revealed the figure in a Tuesday earnings statement. The Chinese version of the Xbox One goes on in China on Sept. 23, after the country ended a 13-year-old ban on

China Fines Japanese Auto Parts and Bearings Makers in Price Rigging - New York Times

HONG KONG — Chinese regulators on Wednesday intensified their antitrust scrutiny of multinationals, finding 12 Japanese auto parts and bearings manufacturers guilty of fixing

5 Tibetans Are Said to Die In Chinese Police Custody - New York Times

HONG KONG — Five Tibetans have died in police custody in southwestern China after a protest last week during which residents were shot and wounded, according to the exiled Tibetan government and other groups abroad. The accounts described a flaring of tensions in a mountainous area of Sichuan Province that has long been in turmoil over the Chinese

North Korea Moved Some Of Its Most Advanced Weaponry To The Chinese ... - Business Insider

Bobby Yip/REUTERSTanks roll past the podium during a military parade in Pyongyang on April 15, 2012, to celebrate the centenary of the birth of North Korea's founder Kim Il-sung.

With Racist Slur, Clive Palmer Inflames Australia-China Ties - Businessweek

Not long ago, mining tycoon Clive Palmer was eager to work closely with Chinese partners. In particular, the Australian businessman-turned-politician teamed up with state-owned Citic Pacific (267:HK) on a $2.5 billion plan to extract low-grade iron ore from the outback, the world’s biggest such project.Palmer doesn’t seem to feel as positive about

Son of actor Jackie Chan detained on drug charges in China - Fox News

FILE - In this Oct. 8, 2007 file photo, Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan poses for a photo upon arrival at 'The Drummer' premiere at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. ( AP Photo/Lo Sai Hung, File )Hong Kong action superstar Jackie Chan's actor-son Jaycee Chan has been detained in Beijing on drug-related charges, the latest high-profile

US tech firms under increasing scrutiny in China - Los Angeles Times

The Silicon Valley economy is hot these days, but U.S. tech firms are feeling a chill in China.Anti-monopoly investigators have raided Microsoft's China offices, and the government has banned Windows 8 from state computers. San Diego-based chip maker Qualcomm may face more than $1 billion in fines for allegedly overcharging customersfor smartphone

Japan-China Trade Set to Grow First Time in 3 Years - Wall Street Journal

Aug. 19, 2014 7:41 a.m. ETTOKYO—Trade between Japan and China is expected to grow this year for the first time in three years, but won't likely reach the level before a territorial dispute erupted in 2012, data showed Tuesday.The note of cautious optimism comes as Japan's exports to China rose in the first half of the year for the first time in

Mr China no more: Clive Palmer out of luck, again - Sydney Morning Herald

ANALYSISClive Palmer dined and wooed Chinese investors in the hope of replicating a trick that turned him into one of Australia's richest men. But he didn't pull it off. Photo: Alex EllinghausenThe first cracks appeared in Clive Palmer’s China story about four years ago, when he collided with the glamorous daughter of the former premier, L

China's new rail line lures tourists, workers to Tibet - USA TODAY

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China's warmaking ability eroded by graft, warn generals - Sydney Morning Herald

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Clive Palmer warned his 'mongrels' remark about China could hurt trade - The Australian

THE Palmer United Party has intensified its attacks on China, with its Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie warning of the danger of an invasion of Australia, as she backed Clive Palmer’s criticism of “Chinese mongrels”. Senator Lambie called for defence spending to be doubled to prevent Australians being enslaved by a “totalitarian foreign pow... Add a comment

In China, Myths of Social Cohesion - New York Times

KASHGAR, China — They come for the camel rides, the chance to dress up like a conquering Qing dynasty soldier or to take selfies in front of one of the most historic Islamic

Philippines Warns China About Vessels in Disputed Seas - Wall Street Journal

Aug. 18, 2014 7:51 a.m. ETMANILA—The Philippines on Monday warned China that what it described as the frequent presence of Chinese ships in a disputed area of the South China Sea could potentially spark renewed tensions between the neighbors.Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said that Chinese vessels are regularly seen in an

Pauline to Clive: Please explain -

Extraordinary tirade ... Palmer United Party leader and Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer has said on national TV that China is trying to take over Australia. Source: News Corp Australia