Images reveal Vietnam's expansion in the South China Sea - Deutsche Welle

Surveillance imagery recently obtained by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) shows that in recent years Vietnam has undertaken significant construction in the Spratly Islands, a highly contested area in the South China Sea. The never-before-published satellite photographs, taken between 2010 and April 30 this year, reveal... Add a comment

Charged With Graft in China, Some Fugitives Are Finding Luxury in US - New York Times

Even before his name appeared on the “most wanted” list, holes had emerged in the immigrant success story of Wei Chen.His business partner sued him last year, alleging that nearly $50 million was missing from their development project in Plantation, Fla. The ensuing litigation revealed that Mr. Chen had changed his name from He Yejun, and that he

U.S. Raises Opposition To China's Moves In South China Sea - NPR

The Obama administration says China is making aggressive grabs for disputed islands in the South China Sea. The mounting tensions loom large as Secretary of State John Kerry visits China this weekend.

It Only Took Four Months For China To Achieve A Jaw-Dropping Reduction In ... - ThinkProgress

by Ari PhillipsPosted on May 15, 2015 at 11:45 am"It Only Took Four Months For China To Achieve A Jaw-Dropping Reduction In Carbon Emissions"CREDIT: shutterstockChina is the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, so small decreases in its emissions seem like monumental feats when compared to other countries. According to a new analysis, in the

India's Modi Prods China to Change Tack on Strategic Issues - Wall Street Journal

SHANGHAI—Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday urged China to reconsider its approach to issues that have long strained ties and complicated business between the two Asian giants.Mr. Modi and his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang pledged to improve historically weak economic links between their countries,

China Backtracks on Local Government Debt - Wall Street Journal

China is reversing course on a major effort to tackle its hefty local government debt problem, marking a setback for a priority reform aimed at getting its financial house in order.The move could provide the economy with some short-term help. But it restores a backdoor way that enabled local governments

Lumber Liquidators Suspends Sales of Laminate Flooring From China - New York Times

Lumber Liquidators has suspended sales of Chinese laminate flooring after facing accusations that the products contained dangerous levels of formaldehyde.Concerns have grown that Lumber Liquidators’ Chinese suppliers falsely marked some laminate flooring products as compliant with California’s safety standards. The company also said Thursday that i

Review: In 'China: Through the Looking Glass,' Eastern Culture Meets Western ... - New York Times

The Costume Institute is housed within the Metropolitan Museum of Art but exists in a separate universe, one with its own galleries, budget, press representative and aesthetic protocols. To some this fashion-world apart is a Martian oddity, to others it is a vital preserve of Venusian luxe. Either way — and for better and worse — it has never been

Sydney man on trial for drug smuggling in China tells court he thought bags ... - ABC Online

A Sydney man on trial in China charged with drug smuggling has told a court in Guangzhou he thought the bags he was instructed to travel with contained peptides.Peter Gardner, who holds

An uneasy friendship - The Economist

THE celebrations in Moscow on May 9th to commemorate the capitulation of Nazi Germany 70 years ago will speak volumes about today’s geopolitics. While Western leaders are staying away in protest against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine (and the first annexation of sovereign territory in Europe since the second world war), China’s president, Xi Jinpi

Move Over, France—Here Comes China - Wall Street Journal

With its demand for fine wine, China has already remade the market for Bordeaux and Burgundy. Now it is looking to shake up the global wine market from the other direction—as a supplier.Vineyards are being planted across the country, with some of the world’s biggest winemakers joining in. China has e

British princess' debut causes postpartum shock and awe in China - Los Angeles Times

For many mothers around the world, the oh-so put-together appearance of the Duchess of Cambridge and her newborn princess in public last weekend just 10 hours after giving birth was a source of wonder — millions asked: Just how did she manage to look so good?But for many observers in China, the shock was of a different sort: What mother in her

IMF calls on China to allow greater currency flexibility - BBC News

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said China should continue to provide "greater flexibility" in its exchange rate policy as the country continues to see slower growth. The IMF said the mainland should

China warns Philippine military planes away from disputed sea area: Manila - Reuters

MANILA (Reuters) - China has warned Philippine air force and navy planes at least six times to leave areas around the disputed South China Sea, the Philippine military commander responsible for the region told a Senate hearing on Thursday.While Vice Admiral Alexander Lopez gave no timeframe, a senior Philippine air force official told Reuters the... Add a comment

China's Angry Cabbies Beat Back Uber - Bloomberg View

The ride-sharing app Uber has encountered more than its share of regulatory crackdowns during its international expansion. South Korean authorities have declared their intention to arrest the company’s CEO; French police recently raided its Paris offices; and local officials in Delhi are asking the Indian government to block the app outright. But

Importing Antiques from the UK to China: 5 Handy Hints & Tips

Antique hunting is one of life's most undiscovered passions. Fun, lucrative, informative and social, hunting down antiques exposes you to whole new places you perhaps never knew about before, taking you all over the world and all over time in the process. Add a comment

Are there signs of a thaw between China and the exiled Dalai Lama on Tibet? - Washington Post

DHARMSALA, India — The Dalai Lama said Thursday that informal talks with the Chinese are continuing over his possible

Hong Kong protests: China strongly backs leader CY Leung - BBC News

Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play.Carrie Gracie: Protesters light up the streets in the main financial districtChina's state media have strongly backed Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung, praising his performance while condemning protests as "chaos".The support in Communist Party paper

Hong Kong: China hardens stance as protests continue - The Guardian

Beijing hardened its line on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on Thursday, as students sat in front of government offices in the region demanding the chief executive’s resignation by the end of the day.The official People’s Daily newspaper, the voice of the Communist party, said that China was “very satisfied” with Leung Chun-ying and had full c

China is Hong Kong's future – not its enemy - The Guardian

The upheaval sweeping Hong Kong is more complicated than on the surface it might appear. Protests have erupted over direct elections to be held in three years’ time; democracy activists claim that China’s plans will allow it to screen out the candidates it doesn’t want.It should be remembered, however, that for 155 years until its handover to

China tells US not to meddle in Hong Kong -

China's foreign minister has warned the United States and other foreign countries not to meddle in China's "internal affairs", as the country continues to grapple with the escalating protests in Hong Kong.Wang Yi issued the statement on Wednesday, shortly before meeting US President Barack Obama who told him in a White House meeting that the US

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