40+ incredible galleries of Historical photos of China (1850-1989)

Over the years we collected 40+ galleries of rare and amazing historical images of China. Add a comment

Turpan: The Death Valley of China

Turpan is the hottest place in China and it's known also as Huo Zhou (a place as hot as fire). Add a comment

20 fascinating photos of Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China among both foreign and domestic travelers for a reason. Add a comment

15 beautiful images of Zhangjiajie National Park in Hunan, China

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is one of the most peculiar national forest park in China. Add a comment

15 inspiring images of Kanas Lake, Xinjiang

Kanas Lake is a very popular photography tour destination for Chinese amateur photographers. Add a comment

Island Pagoda, about 1871

Pagoda on an island in the River Min near Fuzhou, China, taken by John Thomson (1837-1921) in about 1871, published in 1873 in the book 'Foochow and the River Min'. Add a comment

KM7402 - From Moscow to Beijing

“At the first route, from Moscow to Irkutsk, i’ve passed four days and half in the train, passing through 5000 kilometers of forests…” Add a comment

Propaganda Games in China - Sesame Credit

The Chinese dystopian credit system to rate each citizen's trustworthiness. Add a comment

Michelangelo Antonioni documentary on China: Chung Kuo - 1972

The documentary focuses primarily on the lives of contemporary working class Chinese people. Add a comment

Beijing Underground City

The Underground City (Chinese: 地下城; pinyin: Dìxià Chéng), also known as Dixia Cheng, is a bomb shelter comprising a network of tunnels located beneath Beijing, China, which has since been transformed into a tourist attraction. Add a comment
Our special issue on the Chinese province of Yunnan, will be distributed for free at Milan World Expo 2015, China Pavillon, from the 4th of July. Add a comment

Police raid in Guangxi to suppress drug trafficking

On June 15, at 22:00 Guangxi police raided a drug dealers hideout in Wuzhou.  Add a comment

The Milkshake Murder

Nancy Kissel (born Nancy Keeshin circa 1964 in Adrian, Michigan) was convicted of the murder of her husband, Robert Kissel in their apartment in Tai Tam, Hong Kong on November 2, 2003. Add a comment

Staring at the sea

Standing on the beach with a Nikon in my hand ... Add a comment

China is the least religious country in the world

A survey carried out by market research company WIN/Gallup International, which questioned 63,898 people - around 1,000 in each country, has revealed that China is the least religious country in the world. Add a comment

1 Chinese girl, 70 stray cats

A Chinese girl, 28 year old,  lives with 70 stray kittens. Add a comment

Traditional Bai Spring Festival in Yunnan

Every year Bai people in Heqing celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year. Add a comment

Chinese "La Tomatina"

China has an other "La Tomatina" on August 31 2014, in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. What is "La Tomatina"? Add a comment

Hangzhou's Drunken Summer Nights

Summer Nights ... something's begun. But, oh, oh, these summer nights! Add a comment

Once we were a psychedelic band ...

In 2001 China-Underground team was a ... psychedelic ensemble! Listen to the only jam session survived from that period. Add a comment

China's Largest Sex Toys Market is not so Sexy

Guangzhou wholesale market covers a wide range of women's clothes, children's clothes, lingerie and adult products. Add a comment

8 Animals Eaten Alive in China - Graphic Content

For some religious people is forbid to eat any portion that is cut from animals that are still alive. On the contrary the practice of eating alive animals is widespread around Asia. In Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and even in China is considered delicious and synonymous of freshness. Add a comment

Fashionista: street snapping from China

West trend of street snap is becoming more and more popular among young Chinese. Add a comment

The Largest Second Generation Robot Restaurant in China

Recently in Kunshan City, a satellite city in greater Suzhou region, Jiangsu Province, a local impresario opened the largest Chinese restaurant where robots  provide meals to customers. Add a comment

Donaldina Cameron Angry Angel and Freedom Fighter of Chinatown

Donaldina Cameron, a presbyterian missionary, social worker and youth advocate in San Francisco's Chinatown, was born on 26 July 1869 in New Zealand. Add a comment
Many Chinese (mostly coming from Guangdong) joined the American Flying Tigers in Yunnan to fight Japanese invading forces. Chinese government sent many students to Arizona to train.  Add a comment

"Little Apple" wins Chinese police and soldiers

China's armed police officers and soldiers responsible for disposal of terrorist attacks lost their self-control dancing "Little Apple", one of the most popular songs in China by Chopsticks Brothers. Add a comment

Fishing for Whale Sharks in China

On August 1, 2014, Shishi, Xiangzhi town, in Fujian Province, local fishermen accidentally found in their nets a giant whale shark. Add a comment

Rice paddy art from China?

On last July 2014 in ShenYang, Liaoning province, rice field paintings attracted great attention. Add a comment

China 2050: The Future of China according to Benoit Cezard

Benoit Cezard, a French freelance photographer, who lives in Wuhan since 2006, became popular on the net for his conceptual photography work “China 2050”. Add a comment

Spectacular Yuanyang rice-paddy terracing images and video

The Hani and Yi people are the creators of the monumental rice terraced mountains which have made Yuanyang famous. Add a comment

Celebrating Chinese Elderly People Creativity

Chinese elderly people do a lot of crazy things. News.163.com assembled a funny gallery testifying their ingenuity. Add a comment

Chinese kid gets stuck in washing machine, images

A kid in the city of Suzhou, got stuck in a washing machine while playing before being rescued by firefighters. Add a comment

Brutality of Vietnam War depicted by Bill Thomas Hardt, Graphic Content

Bill Thomas Hardt (b. 1937, Chemnitz) is a German photographer who recorded the brutal scenes of Vietnam war. Add a comment

Qing Dinasty Cargo Is Recovered From a Ship Sunk during Nineteenth Century

1050 items that spent more than 180 years at the bottom of East Chinese Sea have been hauled to the surface. Add a comment

A day off at the beach for Chinese families: Analog Sands

Fuxian is a clear water lake two hours from Kunming, Yunnan. Every Summer Sunday Chinese families arrive at the white artificial beaches of Fuxian to enjoy a day off. Add a comment

Being Twenty in China, 49 images

Expectations, ways of life, entertainment, fun & hard work for teenagers and Chinese young people. Add a comment

15 pictures of Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen

Nanputuo is a Buddhist temple of vast proportions not far from the University of Xiamen. Add a comment

The Working Class in China, 15 images

Over the years we collected many images of the nightmarish work conditions of Chinese migrant workers. Most of those people are like modern slaves with limited access to social insurance and suffering from poor health conditions. Add a comment

44 images of daily life for Chinese children

A glimpse of daily life for children in contemporary China. 44 images to quickly describe different ways of life and social environments: cities, suburbs, countryside, degraded areas, games, disappointments. Add a comment

8 bizarre ways how Taiwan celebrates funerals

All-female marching bands, strippers and pole dancers are hired at Taiwanese funerals to mourn the deads. Add a comment

Manufacturing: Striking Burtynsky Images on Working Conditions in China

In the southern province of Guangdong, one can drive for hours along numerous highways that reveal a virtually unbroken landscape of factories and workers’ dormitories. Add a comment

36 incredible pictures of floods in China

Every year China is devastated by huge floods. Over the years we collected some interesting images from Chinese web. Add a comment

Time travel in Chinese alleys

You just need an analog camera, an expired black and white film, and go into the alleys of a Chinese city, to have the feeling you had a jump, back several years. Add a comment

People from Suburbia, film images

Analog images of ordinary life in some Chinese suburbia. Add a comment

Firefighters fighting flames in Gansu, images

1 July 2014, 20:10. Jiuquan, Suzhou. More than 60 firefighters were deployed to fight a fire occurred in a plastic factory. Add a comment

The Flooded City of Shicheng: Before and After Pictures Comparison

Shicheng is an ancient city, established about 1300 years ago, now lies at the 26-40 m depth underwater. Add a comment

Spectacular colourful Zhangye Danxia images

Danxia rock formations are located in Gansu province, in Zhangye prefecture. Add a comment

Amazing Flood pictures at Xiaolangdi Dam in China

Sand-washing operation conducted in China's Xiaolangdi Reservior. Add a comment

China through the lenses of David Gamble: 40 images

David Gamble (Cincinnati, 1890 - Sydney, 1968), grandson of James Gamble, founder of Procter & Gamble in 1837, visited China for four periods doing Christian social work for the Y.M.C.A and conducting social surveys. Add a comment

Champagne Court camera market for film enthusiasts, images

Half a dozen little stores selling old and medium format cameras, films and equipment. Add a comment

32 rare images of French Missionaries in Yunnan , 1933

Mission to the Land of the Three Rivers (1933-1952) In 1035, St. Bernard of Menthon built a hospice on the Mont Joux, the most ancient pass through the Alps. Add a comment

In Yulin a Dog Festival isn’t exactly what you might think [Graphic Images]

Yulin, Southern Guangxi province, is a small city famous in China for its Dog Festival, known as "Lychee dog meat festival". Add a comment

20 rare images of Pirates of China Sea and their Hunters

China's southeast coast during nineteenth Century has been plagued by pirates and  warlords. Add a comment

Gulangyu colonial architecture

Xiamen, or Amoy is a small town ( in Chinese terms , since it has more than two and a half million inhabitants) overlooking the Straits of Taiwan, and thanks to the advantageous geographical position has always been an important trading port. Add a comment

Fong Qiwei mesmerizing Shanghai timelapse gifs

Fang Qiwei’s “Time in Motion” serie spliced different time slices into a single image to show passage of time. Add a comment

Li Hongbo flexible sculptures will blown your mind

Classical sculptures revisited by Li Hongbo, a Beijing artist who uses mixed styles to bring to life these magical moving statues. Add a comment

Luoping golden fields

Luoping county is 228 km from Kunming, not far from Guizhou Province. At early spring the yellow rapeseeds are in full bloom.

10 years of Internet addiction rehabs in China

A brief history of web addiction camps in China: brainwashing, electroconvulsive therapy and other abuses were committed to patients over the years.

Lijiang old town through the lens of a Lubitel 166+

Lijiang, in Yunnan, Southern China, is the major town of the old Naxi culture. Naxi people are one of the twenty six ethnic minorities of Yunnan.

Wild Stone Forest in Yunnan

Just one hour away from Kunming lies the stunning carsic formation known as Stone Forest (Shilin).

Watch two crazy guys climbing the second tallest building in the world

Two young guys climbed the Shanghai Tower (650 metres) and filmed their bold experience with a GoPro camera.

The great Chinese reform of prostitution in 20th century: 33 amazing pictures

In 1949, just after the civil war, Mao embarked upon a series of campaigns that eradicated prostitution from mainland China. Mao claimed:”we need to clean the house!”

One Hundred Magic Holes: Bama County longevity caves

Bama County in Guangxi recently became famous because of its many centenarians. Its residents have a reputation for longevity. For this reason Bama has been studied from geriatricians nationwide.

Statue of President Obama in Chongqing

8th February 2014. A Chongqing restaurant placed a statue of president Obama in front of the shop in order to attract potential customers and tourists.

Three small harbors in China

Three small harbors in Xiamen, Gulangyu and Kunming.

20 pictures of Hong Kong

Ah, Hong Kong! Undoubtedly Hong Kong is a complicated mess and that's why we love it. During the years we went many times in Hong Kong and we took many pictures.

A day in a life of funeral parlor in China in 1948

Those images are depicting the everyday life of a group of children and adults in a funeral mortuary in China in 1948.

Images of Chinese famine during the Civil War (Graphic content)

During 1946-47 Great Famine hit Southern China, in particular Guangdong, Guangxi and Hunan provinces, affecting tens of millions of people. At least 1,7 millions starved to death.

25 pics depicting the terrible conditions in alum mines in China

In Cangnan County, not too far from Wenzhou, southern Zhejiang, there are tens of alum mines. However beacuse of pollution and shortage of alum resources, the area is living a difficult crisis.

Horse fight club in Guangxi

Every year, in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Guangxi, not too far from Liuzhou, local people celebrate the Chinese New Year with the 500-year-old tradition of horse fighting.

Spending the Chinese New Year holidays in Sanya isn’t the best idea

Chinese New Year, Chunjie, is approaching fast and hundred of millions of people are moving in China. Many people just try to go home, while others buy tickets to go to the most trendy destination.

Overloaded Peking, 2001 documentary about New China

Overloaded Peking is a documentary about Beijing and Chinese modernisation we did in 2001 (MDDM, abelvideo). It features a long and interesting interview (15:32) to a young Jia Zhangke about cinema, changes of the young Chinese generations, modernization of the country, internet, censorship and much more.

Hunan couple recycles 9 million of plastic bottles a year to send their sons to university

A couple from Hunan annually recycles something like 9 million plastic bottles a year to send their kids to the university. Every day, for 10 years, the couple received about 140 kg of waste.

Heqing of the Bai people of Yunnan

Not too far from Dali, lies Heqing, a beautiful and almost preserved example of the Bai people architecture. The Bai are one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by China.

Rise and fall of the QiGong frenzy in China: when superstition and science collide

After the fall of the Gang of Four, Qigong represented an opportunity for China to find a cultural identity proven by the disastrous consequences of the Cultural Revolution that erased an entire cultural and relationships system. Looking for its own way to modernization, China took a shortcut to scientific progress by mixing weird science and superstition, with grotesque and devastating consequences in the long run.

Forest rangers crack down on the largest wildlife animal trafficking in China

Chinanews - On January 22, Yunnan forest rangers cracked down on the illegal trading of tigers and other local protected animals.

How to create a Eunuch: the procedure

A eunuch in ancient China was a man castrated, typically early enough in his childhood to have major hormonal consequences in order to make him reliable servant of a royal court where physical access to the ruler could wield great influence. In China, castration included removal of the penis as well as the testicles. Both organs were cut off with a knife at the same time.
Every year, hundreds millions of migrant workers go back to their hometowns to celebrate the Chinese New Year Festival.

The village in a cave in Guizhou

Getu-River National Park in Guizhou Province, not far from Anshun is dotted by hundreds of mountains eroded by the force of water and wind. In a large cave live today 18 people (in 2007 they were about one hundred), all of the Miao ethnic minority group.

Mao Zedong locomotives

In 1946, in Manzhouli railway station in Inner Mongolia, on the route to Harbin, were abandoned a number of old locomotives. Workers, to overcome difficulties, carefully repaired some of them.
Unit 731 (731部隊) was a covert biological warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook human experimentation mainly on Chinese, Koreans and Russians, during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) and World War II, led by infamous Japanese microbiologist Shiro Ishii.

Changsha immersed in smog

On the morning of January 14, Changsha, Hunan has been paralysed in a thick fog of smog fallen on the city.

Chine Magazine published in France

Our travel magazine “Chine Magazine”debuts in France, finally!

Japanese officer performing seppuku during World War II

After the defeat of the Second World War II, many Japanese officers performed the ritual suicide by disembowelment, called in Japanese Suppuku (stomach-cutting).

A traditional Chinese funeral - video

A traditional Chinese funeral on the street of Kunming, Yunnan.

Silvio Bunga Bunga days are over, new NMA video

The latest NMA video is all about Silvio Berlusconi persecution.

Infographics: Natural Growth Rate, Population, Birth Rate, Death Rate in China

4 interesting infographics on Natural Growth Rate, Population at the end of the year, Birth Rate, Death Rate in China. Data from National Bureau of Statistics of China.

25 Western Depictions of Crime and Punishment during Qing Dinasty - part one

This collection of 51 images on crime and punishment in late Imperial China is gleaned from the 19th century Westerners’ China travelogues at the George Peabody Library.

Far East Film Festival 15, official lineup

Udine - The line up of the Far East Film Festival 15 was released to the Press today. The 2013 edition (19th to 27th of April), which will present 57 titles (in addition to 6 shorts of the Hong Kong Freshwave, 3 titles with and by King Hu and a tribute to Mario O'Hara), will present the Lifetime Achievement Award to the world ambassador of Korean culture: the great Kim Dong-ho.

Hong Kong Cage dwellers

When we think about Hong Kong often images of shiny skyscrapers and colorful neon signs come to mind.

MADE IN JAPAN - Three of the most representative films of the 2013 edition are from Japan

Three of the most representative films of the 2013 edition are from Japan: I Have to Buy New Shoes by Eriko Kitagawa, See You Tomorrow, Everyone by Yoshihiro Nakamura and A Story of Yonosuke by Shuichi Okita.

110 kids: photo project on Chinese Street Children

Most of the shots were taken in the narrow streets of Kunming, many of those streets no longer exist, having been wiped out and demolished by bulldozers. Now, where the children portrayed in the photos lived and played, there are construction sites, luxury buildings and shopping malls.

41 propaganda posters for Chinese children

A unique collection of vintage propaganda posters directed to children. Add a comment

22 images of police raids on brothels in China

From time to time in major Chinese sites are posted pictures of police raids on brothels.

City Eraser: exploring a post atomic city

Kunming, China. Everyday, millions of square meters of old slums are torn down to make room for luxury condos and shopping malls.

10 beautiful pictures of Mongolia in 1913

Mongolia declared its independence from China in 1911.

12 rare pictures: removing dead bodies teams in China (1948)

The disastrous years of the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression and the War of Liberation devastated China: dead bodies were scattered along Chinese roads.

Home Containers city in Shanghai

Many disused containers near Shanghai have been converted into houses.

Realistic painting in tree cavities

A twenty-two years old Chinese student in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, from middle of January 2013 has become famous in the city.

The first photographs of nude art in China (15 rare images)

Artistic nude and human body model were introduced in China about a century ago by Chinese students who studied abroad and later returned bringing with them not only foreign ideologies and sciences, but also something more.

Pollution in China - Toxic Linfen

A documentary by Vice investigating the devastating effects of pollution in China.

36 Chinese advertising posters of the 30s

Before the advent of the Communist regime in 1949, China, and especially Shanghai began to experience some forms of advertising borrowed from the West.


UDINE – The gaze focused on the present and the future of Asian film, through 60 titles that draw on the best productions in recent months, and a tribute to the world ambassador of Korean culture: the great Kim Dong-ho! This is the fifteenth – much awaited – edition of the Far East Film Festival. Here is the window that will open up, from April 19 to 27, on the Far East...

Lost pyramids of Wuhan

At the Moshan Scenic Area, near Wuhan, amongst an overgrowth of dense bushes and thick grass, lie two abandoned pyramids. The structures, designed as a tourist attraction, were never completed because of the poor conditions of the roads.

Spinner 360 in Wonderland

Dominique Musorrafiti produced this gallery with her Spinner 360 and a Lomography CN 400 film.

Five must-see destinations in China

In recent years, China has become not only an economic giant but also an increasingly important destination for international tourism.

Bizarre Kingdom of the Little People shot on film

Shiny Little People!

Guys Who Wear Women's Clothes: 25 images

Last month, a Chinese senior has become very popular via offbeatchina.

Chinese Mortuary providing massages to the deads

During the last edition of an International fair of funeral services held in Wuhan, a Chinese company  presented a special treatment for the dead, offering massages and spa.

A live-animal transport truck converted into a house

A small live-animal transport truck has been transformed into a house by a Kunming's couple. Add a comment

Real life vs Ideal life in China

Chinese photographer Ni Weihua presented an alternative approach to the reality of China's cities.

Postcards of slow slicing during Qing Dinasty (Graphic content)

A series of French postcards depicting one of the most gruesome punishment in China: Death by a thousands cuts (Lingchi).

The slow death of Chinese rural circuses

Yongqiao, in northern Anhui, is considered the birthplace of Chinese circus with more than 300 companies, employing over 20,000 people.

Two Generations of Contemporary Chinese Art

Brian Wallace, founding director of Red Gate Gallery, is pleased to announce the return of the gallery’s 20thAnniversary Exhibition – Two Generations of Contemporary Chinese Art.

Longting Magic Well

In Longting, Xintai, Shandong, villagers in the course of 10 years built a huge stone well (18 meters wide and 28 deep).

Chinese kids army against Japan

Small People Liberation Army to conquer Diaoyu Island! In a kindergarten of Zhejiang province was organized a demonstration to defend the Diaoyu Islands.
During the disastrous country renovation of the Great Leap Forward, China experienced one of its darkest periods, called the Three Years of Great Chinese Famine.

A nail house in the middle of the road

In Wenling, Zhejiang Province, in the middle of a new road, not far from the railway station, there is a "nail house".

The dumbest thief wears a stool instead of balaclavas

Probably was too late to turn back, once detected the presence of surveillance cameras in the place where he had slipped. Add a comment

21 crazy buildings in China

Chinese website 163.com, compiled a gallery of the 21 craziest buildings built in recent decades in China.

Scandal at Chinese Motorshow: baby models in bikini

Journalist Ching Ming, invited to Wuhan International Convention & Exhibition Centre, a couple of days ago,  reviewed the show from an unexpected point of view.
A fundraiser parade of Chinese beauty activists organized by overseas Chinese  in order to fund anti Japanese activities in Wuhan.

Shanghai 1949, on the eve of the communist liberation

Within a few years, the city seemed to be destined to become a cosmopolitan economic and cultural capital of East Asia, closed in on itself.

Heroes Next Door, daily routine of Superheroes in Hong Kong: 28 images

Chow Kar Hoo is an emerging artist specialized in fine art photography. Since his graduation in June, he started his career by setting up Overnight Studio with the help of some friend.

Our lives in a public toilet

In Guangzhou city , a family of three people lives in the building of public toilets. Liao Xiaoming, from Maoming, Chaozhou Xuan and Wang Na, left their town to take advantage of the possibility of free education, which provides the city of Guangzhou. Add a comment

The art of Jiang Shan: 22 images

Jiang Shan is a Chinese artist who lives in London and works as a creative designer in England for Ilovedust since 2005. Add a comment

Fluid Hong Kong

Every day, Hong Kong is crossed by a continuous flow of people, cars and lights moving through the streets of the city. At the same time there is also loneliness, fixity and permanence.

30 dramatic images of the 1942 Henan famine

Henan Province was hit by a terrible famine between the summer of 1942 and the spring of 1943 that led to the death of 3 million people (other sources report 1 million deaths).

Wildlife Silent Hill: 20 pictures of Traditional Chinese Medicine animal markets

"Wildlife Silent Hill" is an explicit report by a Chinese photographer on the abuses against animals in Traditional Chinese Medicine markets scattered in Southern China (Guangxi, Hainan, Guangdong).

Sky Burial: the macabre tibetan ritual dissection

Even today, Tibetan communities continue to celebrate their ancient customs and traditions. Among these, one of the most special funerary traditions is related to the open-air sacrificial burial, Sky burial or ritual dissection, an ancient funerary practice wherein a human corpse is incised in certain location and placed on a mountaintop, exposing it to vultures.

The Hello Kitty Murder: Hong Kong’s most sordid crime in a decade

Detectives were skeptical when a pretty 14-year-old girl turned up at a Tsim Sha Tsui police station in May 1999 saying she was being haunted by the ghost of a woman she had helped torture, kill and butcher a year earlier. But when they followed up her claims and visited a third-floor apartment in Hong Kong’s shoppers’ paradise, Granville Road, they uncovered what many police and lawyers consider Hong Kong’s most sordid and revolting crime in almost a decade.

Torture punishments inflicted on adulteresses in ancient China: 26 images

In ancient China, chastity was considered a virtue very important.

Red tourism: a theme park dedicated to the Sino-Japanese War in China

A theme park just dedicated to the glories of the past is located in Wuxiang county, Shanxi, at the foot of the Taihang Mountains: the Chinese Communist Eighth Route Army (八路军).

First same-sex marriage in China: 26 images

Quanzhou, Fujian Province held the first public gay marriage of China. Lu Zhong, 24, and Wanqiang Liu, 20, celebrated their union in the streets of the city by sharing their joy.

38 rare pictures of eunuchs during Qing Dinasty

A eunuch (太監, Taijian) is a man who has been castrated in his early life for this change to have major hormonal consequences.

Shanghai as you've never seen it before: Planet Shanghai

Zhang Haitao is a Chinese photographer who decided to transform his panoramic photos of Shanghai in to 360 ° planets.

35 rare images of the infamous Japanese experiment unit 731 in China

Unit 731 (731部隊), based at the Pingfang district of Harbin and led by the infamous Japanese microbiologist Shiro Ishii, was a covert biological warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) and World War II.

Chinese students from the eighties vs 2012: 20 images

Two galleries issued respectively on Xinhuanet.com and 163.com. In these photos, we can see portraits of Chinese students in classrooms, libraries and dormitories.

Serene Scent: New Ink Painting

Over the last two decades, new ink painting has been the integral part of Chinese contemporary art movement/scene, and with the development of societal/economical climate and art context its art vision has been broaden and matured. Add a comment


“What’s the point if a few of us live well and shut our mouths but the government continues to abuse other citizens, creating more broken families and poverty and pushing people outside the city to give their land to the richest businessmen. Many who seek justice through law face detention and torture in custody. What we ask for is not a personal settlement, but public justice.”
Housing rights advocate Mao Hengfeng


Even before it took power, the Chinese Communist Party under Mao Zedong established its legitimacy in the countryside through land-to-tiller, mass-mobilization policies intended to break the economic and social control enjoyed by rural elites. The Party redistributed farmland from landlords to peasants in a process frequently marked by violence.


“Consultation, negotiation and litigation help little for land issues. Officials collude with businessmen to seize the land in the name of economic development and use land as a mortgage to harm the interests of villagers.”
Lin Zuluan, newly elected leader for Wukan village, Guangdong province

21 old (and scary) pictures of lotus feet

Foot binding, 缠足, is the antique custom of traditional Chinese society of binding the feet of girls painfully tight to prevent further growth.

Sad documentary about AIDS condition in Henan

Mistakes, abuses and prejudices of an entire system that underestimated and then inadequately treated a dangerous health problem with the wrong tools: inadequate medicines, medicines not approved by the United Nations, discriminations.

21 rares and beautiful hand-painted pictures of old China

Directly from the archives of the University of Southern California (UCLA) twenty hand-painted shots of a China almost completely disappeared.

816 Nuclear Military Plant, underground top secret facility

816 Nuclear Military Plant was a huge underground top secret facility hidden in the mountains of Baitao town, in Chongqing area.

Chinese Man Builds Himself Bionic Hands from scrap metal (video)

Sun Jifa, a 51-year-old Chinese man who lost both hands when he was building a bomb for blast fishing built himself a pair of bionic hands after 8 years of work. Add a comment


Three sisters live alone in a small village family house in the high mountains of the Yunnan region.


Xiao Kang in a monk’s red robe – / my third slow walking film. / He walks past an electric rice cooker, / as slowly as ever. /


73 year old Lao Ma and Lao Cao were once famous carpenters in the village, they would partner with elders from the neighboring villages to make coffins.


After a decade-long civil war which cost more than 13,000 lives, the Maoists have come into the front-line, to compete in the national election for the Constituent Assembly.


Student demonstrations are raging in Lahore, as young Pakistani professor Changez Khan and a journalist, Bobby Lincoln, share a cup of tea and conversation.


Fifteen years ago, tragedy struck a small town when a young elementary school girl Emili was abducted and killed by a stranger.

Tai Chi O

As an uncommonly gifted child, Yang Luchan had a fl eshy abnormality that holds tremendous power growing on his forehead.


Shaleha Sarail hails from a water-village in Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi. The province is a seaweed producing area in the southern most part of the Philippines down to the Malaysian and Indonesian archipelagos.


The Sanno crime family has grown into a huge organization, expanding its power into politics and legitimate big business.


Hired by moneylenders, a man lives as a loan shark brutally threatening people for paybacks.

All the movies from Far East at the Venice Film Festival

69th edition of Venice Film Festival will start within few days . After the break, all the movies from Far East presented at the kermesse: images, trailers and more. Add a comment

11 rare videos of Chinese with supernatural powers!

From late seventies to mid-nineties, Qigong enjoyed a huge success in China. In this period more than 2000 schools of qigong flourished in the country: dozens of masters taught the Special Abilities (SA, teyigongneng in Chinese) or paranormal powers.

Giant 3d Art from China

Wan Yiju and Wan Yiheng created a 148,63 meters long 3D painting.  Add a comment

X-ray glasses strike back from China

Do you remember the weird ads from the 70s cheap comics promoting X-ray glasses to see through clothes and walls?

Inside the Chinese pirates' den: hacking Xbox360 & Playstation 3

Few days ago we found the office of a Chinese pirate of Microsoft Xbox360 and Sony Playstation 3.

Disappearing China: Yang Kei village, Guangzhou

On July 1, 2010, Guangzhou began demolition of Yangqi village. The work went on for over a year.

Ten bear paws seized in China

On January 19th, Chongqing airport police seized 10 bear paws during a routine check. 

1300 dogs rescued by Chinese volunteers

Chongqing. On the evening of January 15th a group of seventeen volunteers freed more than 1300 dogs from a large truck from Zhangjiang despite the lack of food, water and medicines.

Cool Sino Soviet Propaganda Images

During the fifties, sino-soviet relations were essentially benign, even if the  ideological roots of the Sino-Soviet split originated in the 1940s and started just after the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance (1950). Add a comment

Incredible architecture design flaw in China

Nanning. A block of houses do not allow works to go on and as a result -after 1 year- the construction of road bridge has been interrupted (UPDATED)

Learn dangerously in Nujiang Valley


Invisible people of Chongqing

Photographer Wang Yuanling has shown his photos depicting some residents of Chongqing.

Monica Bellucci defeats men's sexual failure in China

Many movies and fashion stars, although not officially involved in the promotion process of Chinese products, are illegally chosen as godmothers or godfathers by an increasing number of local brands. Add a comment

40-year history of China in the photos of Zhu Xianmin and Wang Yuwen

If you are in Shenzhen don't miss "Workers, Farmers - Zhu Xianmin, Wang Yuwen image collection exhibition" organized by local photographers association.

The End of Days, video

Today, anywhere in China. Everyday, millions of square meters of old slums are torn down to make room for luxury condos and shopping malls.

The Life and Career of Steve Jobs in 3d

Taiwanese company Next Media Animation strikes back.

Click Baidu you will get it. Click Google, you know too much

A failed advertisement in a shopping mall in Kunming, southern China.

Lost & Found: forgotten memories

What happens if some old films are found in the debris of a city ?

The Empire of Chinese Dwarves (video + pics)


After two years we are back to the Empire of Dwarves, a crazy theme park not far from Kunming.

Flowers of Yunnan

A collection of beautiful and colorful flowers images taken with a macro lens. Yunnan Province, Southern China.

United Bugs of China

A collection of spiders, worms, bees, dragonflies, ladybugs and other colorful bugs images taken with a macro lens in parks and woods spread around Yunnan.

City cruncher: Living in a post atomic China

Kunming, once known as the city of the Eternal Spring, now it's experiencing an era of transition.

Scary invasion of algae on the beaches of Qingdao

Qingdao beach after an invasion of sea lettuce.

How to turn a city into powder

A side-effect of a rapid modernization is the confusion.

Cultural Revolution propaganda images of the Chinese navy drills

Defend the territorial waters was the priority of the People's Liberation Army troops.

Luna Park fun in China

Daguan Park is located on the shores of Dianchi Lake, in the southwest of Kunming City.

Locust invasion in Changsha

Fu Sheng, a village not far from Changsha has been invaded by a swarm of locusts.

Surreal images of floods in China

Summer is coming, time of flooding in China.

Miserable life of a Goldfish in China ...

The life of a goldfish in China can be quite tough. Add a comment

Chinese Opium-Smokers in the late XIX Century in US

In nineteenth century thousands of Chinese people crossed the ocean to find work in the United States.

Taiwan new game: slip over girls in bikini!

Recently it has become popular in Taiwan a game where boys, in bathing suits, slide over a series of girls in bikini.  Add a comment

Chenggong, one of the largest new ghost town in Asia: 36 pictures

Chengong was meant to be a major economic and university center. Within a few years become one of the largest ghost town in Asia, despite the market of Luosiwan, recently moved into the city.

Bem-vindo ao Amoy: 40 Xiamen pictures

Xiamen, or Amoy is a small town (in Chinese terms, since it has more than two and a half million inhabitants) overlooking the Taiwan Strait, and thanks to its geographical position has always been an important commercial port.

Inside China E-Waste Hell

China is the second largest producer in the world of electronic waste, with more than one million tonnes per year.

First flight of the world's largest unmanned helicopter

On the morning of May 7th, V750, the world's largest unmanned helicopter has been successfully tested in Weifang, Shandong. Add a comment

14 Cultural Revolution Propaganda Postcards

1971 was a critical year for the Cultural Revolution. Add a comment

Kneeling day for Chinese students

Guangzhou. Guangdong Experimental Middle School held a controversial ceremony in the schoolyard.

Cosplay in China (15 pics)

Cosplay is slowly growing in China.

Forgotten Places I - Decay and abandonment in China

Abandoned factories about to be demolished in the city limits.

40 rare images of Old Tibet

These photos were taken by U.S. military personnel during the period 1942-1943.

A collection of assorted chinese police vehicles

It 'almost impossible to draft a final list of the cars used by Chinese police. Add a comment

The Eighteen layers of Chinese Hell

Diyu, the Traditional Chinese Hell, based on Buddhism concept of Naraka, is an underground maze with various levels and chambers, to which souls are taken after death to atone for the sins they committed when they were alive.

Lost cities, Temporary Ghost Town in China

Night images of a district in a Chinese metropolis about to be destroyed.

Chinese student makes a 10-meter high transformer

A Liaoning college student has created a 1:1 scale replica of a transformer with Chinese characteristics. Add a comment

Beautiful Hakka Roundhouses, 21 pics

Rounded, rectangular or pentagonal. The exotic houses scattered around Southern Fujian.

Hot Body Painting on NingGuo's streets

In China body art is increasingly hot.

Waking of Insects design

Chinese brand "Waking of Insects" offers a series of purses inspired by the consciousness of life and the discovery of changes. Add a comment

60 Hong Kong old photos during the fifties

A series of rare shots that portray the former British colony, between 1950 and 1958.

520 dogs intended for slaughter freed in China thanks to micro blogging

On April 15 a truck carrying 520 dogs to a slaughterhouse, was stopped by the coordinated action of a Beijing animals protection organization, goal achieved thanks to a micro blogging platform. Add a comment

Red Kunming

This area of Kuming will be demolished very soon, but life still going on, like everyday: kids are happy, street markets are crowded and busy, young people play snooker ...

Exploring abandoned Chinese brick kilns (36 images)

Just north of Kunming, the charming capital of southern province of Yunnan, it's still possible to find old furnaces in a state of semi-abandonment.

Last Taoist Immortality seekers depicted by foreign journalists in 1935

Huashan Mountain, located in Shaanxi Province, about 110 kilometres east of the city of Xi'an, is one of the China's Five Sacred Taoist Mountains, and has a long history of religious significance.

A family of Henan peasants hiding in the mountains for 12 years

Twelve years ago, in order to give birth to their child and to avoid one-child policy, Yuan Tienming fled to a rural area with his family. Add a comment

Rocket Long March 3A debris falling in rural China

The sky is falling again in Southern China.

Road to Heaven: the killing training course of the taiwanes marines

Taiwanese recruits have just finished their test.

Fitness during Cultural Revolution

30 Rare color and black and white images describe a different aspect of everyday life during Cultural Revolution: the sporting life of the young and less young Chinese people. Add a comment

A bus "sank" in a crater in the middle of a road

In Dongshan, Ruian city, Zhejiang Province, a gas station suddenly exploded, creating a crater in the road with a diameter of 10 m which "engulfed" a bus. Add a comment

Traditional Dragon Dance

Traditional Dragon Dance performed by Bai elderly people in Heqing, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan. Add a comment

Times Square Lomography Exhibition

If you happen to be in Hong Kong, at Times Square, the most popular and functional shopping mall located in Causeway Bay you can visit the Times Square Lomography Exhibition from 11th April to 3rd May 2011. Add a comment

Photographic history of Qi Gong and alternative medicine proliferation in China

There are hundreds of types of Qi Gong: some only need meditation and others require body motion to music.

Animals of China

Discovering some of the most exotic wild animals that inhabit this vast country.

Parkour in China

Parkour freestyle pictures taken in Kunming's suburbia, China.

20 rare images of Chinese nuclear test during Sixties

Since the late '50s, China launched its program to become the fifth nuclear power, a goal reached in 1964 with the test 596.

Chinese Airport Security Check inspired by FHM

MengVision Studio, specialized in wedding photography, is promoting a new intriguing photoshoot: "Airport Security Check".

Fairytale of a cruel killer: Red Riding Hood

A chinese team with a strong passion for photography represented a "Red Riding Hood" inspired by a world where coexist a bright and a dark side. Add a comment

Chinese DIY inspired by Harry Potter and Leon

Here some DIY by Lili Ya ispired by movies.

Creative scarecrows

In Zhejiang, Xianju Shenxianju, scarecrows instead of intimidating attract the attention of tourists.

20 rare pictures of Boxer prisoners during late Qing Dynasty

In the late Qing Dynasty (1899-1902), China was plagued by an xenophobic conflict that bloodied the country for three years.

Dozens of Chinese families living in concrete silos

In Hefei, capital of Anhui province, many families are living in a former cement factory.

Age of Enlightenment?

The National Museum, one of the main building on Tian’anmen square has re-opened its doors after 4 years of renovation. Its total floor space is around 200,000sqm, over 3 times more than the Louvre. Add a comment

Dreamy sea of flowers of Luoping

Luoping county is 228 km to the east of Kunming not far from Guizhou Province.

Yuanmou Ghost Village

An abandoned village by the curious history, about seven to eight hours drive from Kunming, lies not far from Yuanmou, Chuxiong County.

The mysterious world of robots by Coco Millet

Coco Millet, real name Liangzheng Hao, is a creative from Guangzhou that lives in Beijing. Add a comment

Lady Gaga is a cabbage: the work of Duoqi Ju

Duoqi Ju, a young Chinese artist, born in 1973 in Chongqing, graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute , became famous with her digital artworks "The Vegetable Museum". Add a comment

35 old great images of American and Chinese soldiers fighting side by side

During the war of resistance against Japanese forces, American military photographers snapped thousands of photos of American and Chinese soldiers, engaged in military actions or in everyday life moments in Southern China and Burma.

Kitsch souvenir from China

Japanese Kitsch China Shanghai designed postcards, letter sets, memos, glass straps, posters, calendars about traditional ideas of China: Chinese tea ceremony, street stalls, Baozi, LaMian, YangRou Chuan, HuoGuo, Kaoya etc. Add a comment

Vanilla bath at Taiwan flower market

Just before Qing Ming Festival, Taiwan, Taichung, local tourism office organizes a flowers market, mainly selling lilies and lavender.

Splatter Fast Food from China

Here some artworks of Qiu Jiang Fan, a designer born in Guangzhou in 1983, graduated at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Add a comment

Demolition of two buildings in a Spectacular Sequence Photos

In Ningbo, two buildings were pulled down to make room for the new subway.

Street Fashion from China

Chinese street style!

Quagmire dream's house: "House House" Chien-Yang Wang’s photography

House is a series of photo by taiwanese creative Chien-Yang Wang: privacy, fantasy and imagination. Add a comment

30 amazing images of a century-old Chinese sauna

The old culture of public bathhouse and saunas is threatened by modernization.

Chinese stereotypes, foreign stereotypes, cross-cultural stereotypes

In the last days I’ve been reading an article on a Chinese magazine about the tv format of 2010 in China, which is still a very successful also in the year of the rabbit. Add a comment

Sexy Hospital

FHM  (For Him Magazine) posts a sexy photo shoot, a sort of parody of contemporary Chinese society.

Sexy Chunjie

Last month FHM "For Him Magazine" published a sexy fashion photo shoot inspired by Chunje.

30 incredible images of the Chinese Triad Affiliates

A series of rare images depicting Chinese mafia affiliates in different moments.

The demolition of the largest slum in Sanya, the desolation of the people

In Sanya, began the demolition of Phoenix Village (Fenghuang Town), a large slum on the outskirts of Sanya, in the tropical island of Hainan, leaving many villagers homeless.

Ordinary Life, portraying Chinese Suburbia

A serie of panoramic portaits from China. Pictures were taken with a Horizon Kompact using a Lucky Charm film. Pictures by Dominique Musorrafiti.

Most shabby library in the world

In Yili, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Province,  a man created a library which has about 30,000 volumes divided into 20 categories, despite the harsh conditions.

Unusual Vision: Mass destruction of hundreds of illegal vehicles in China

In Guiyang,  scrap yard demolition operation of illegal taxis and motorcycles underway at Guiyang, Guizhou Province.

Toxic explosion in Wuxi

On February 23 a chemical plant in Wuxi has exploded, raising a toxic cloud and generating a large fire, now under control. Add a comment

Unusual vision: how not to park your car

In Chongqing, Southern China, a driver lost control of his car with the result you see in the following pictures. Add a comment

PLA anti-chemical warfare unit with flamethrower

Some pictures of the PLA anti-chemical warfare unit ready for action.

Shanghai Underworld

Recently all major Chinese medias have focused on the streets of Gaojiabang, a village of Shanghai.

Irate Chinese consumer smashes a Lamborghini Gallardo

March 15 marks World Consumer Rights Day. A Lamborghini has been sacrificed on live microblogging Sina.com.cn. But why? Add a comment

Dangerous sports: Extreme Naps in the clothing market

Mop.com publish a funny gallery of images depicting some clerks of a Chinese clothing market during the rest.

Floating girl in Beijing

Levitating portrait are often appreciated, because bring to mind the flight, the possibility of escape from the rules of gravity and magic or super heroes.

25 Melancholy illustrations by Voider Sun

Voider Sun is a young graphic designer from Shanghai. Add a comment

I-dong, a new clone of Kinect and PlayStation Move - MADE IN CHINA

I-dong, which in Chinese sounds like "Love Movement," is a console "inspired" by Wii, PlayStation Move and Kinect  at the same time.

67 images of Taiwan under Japanese rule

Between 1895 and 1945 Taiwan was a colony of the Empire of Japan.

40 rare pictures of the Battle for Shanghai

The Battle of Shanghai, "Aka Battle"  of Songhu was one of the bloodiest battles of the entire war.

40 Shanghai historical pictures

Some nice views of Shanghai in 1948.

Shocking investigation on the pollution caused by fashion industries

Our clothes, our jeans and underwear are produced by unsustainable methods. Greenpeace has produced a sensational report on the catastrophic effects of textile manufacturing in the Pearl River.

Beijing designer built an egg house

Daihai Fei is from Hunan and is a newly university graduate. With spending only 6400 Yuan (650Euro) and a lot of creativity, he managed to build this house in his spare time.

My life in a room

Life of the poor dwelling in Hong-Kong.

Zhengzhou resident digs his home underground

Chen, a former mineworker , 64 years old, residing in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, has dug for four years  a 50-square-meter extension to his house six meters below the ground of his own yard.

20 cars on fire on a Chongqing Highway

On the  21st of November, a car transporter  carrying 36 cars went on fire along a highway in Chongqing. Add a comment

"Save miners" capsule

The new "saves miners" capsule can accommodate 10 people and offers 96 hours of life support.

Unusual vision: a bulldozer on a roof tries to demolish a building

The title of this short post could be: "how NOT to destroy a building" or "How did it get that bulldozer up there?".

Inside Canon's Camera destruction site

If you ever wondered why it is so hard to find low-priced cameras of the previous year maybe here is  the answer...

Old China is fading away, 23 stunning pictures

Photographer Ouyang Xingkai has documented an era that is rapidly fading away trough a collection of stunning images.

10 alarming photos of drought in China

Gan and Xiang River (or Xiangjiang) are two main rivers of central - south China.

10 incredible pictures of floods in China

China is hit by monsoons every year that put a strain on the living conditions of people in affected areas.

Chang'er 2, 3d images of the Moon

China has just released the first three-dimensional scans in black and white of the lunar surface of Rainbow Bay and the promontory  Laplace made by Chang'er 2.

Rich and poor: a parable in contemporary China

Xiao Yang, 20, is the son of a Chinese millionaire who lost everything to gambling and now lives under a bridge along the north bank of the Jialing River in Henan.

Disastrous conditions of the "dorms" at a Chinese university

Usually Universities campus are associated with an image of fun, but in Pingdingshan Henan University, for hundreds of Chinese students who dreamt of starting the school year , there has been waiting a big surprise.

Chinese super heroines Cosplay

A gallery dedicated to young Chinese who love Cosplay: warriors with a sword.

The perilous life of a Chinese Stormtrooper

501st Legion is an all-volunteer Worldwide organization formed for the purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate.

Sensual Silk Road according to the Times

Supermodel Li Danni was invited by the  Times for the "Silk Road", a series of shots inspired by the beauty of East Asia that show a unique charm and offer a spell of China,which now can only be found in temples and in a few corners where you can find tradition and culture.

Shu Qi’s "BAZAAR" fashion photos

Shu Qi appear in all her beauty in retro elegance style.

How to make art with human hair

Dexuan Zhang, a 66 year old man from Chengdu, creates portraits of people using human hair and wires.

Zhang Jingna voluptuous pictures

Some fashion shots of the young Chinese photographer Zhang Jingna.

Transgender cosplay club in Wuhan

It seems that Cosplay has become the main outlet for communication of Chinese transsexuals.

How to make a penis DIY (and a TRON joystick}

If you have ever wondered how to make a penis, well ... now you know! Add a comment

33 Historical pictures of Chongqing, the capital of China

In 1937, Japan invaded China and conquered much of the coastal region.

China Tattoo Arts Festival

On October 15th was opening of the first China (International) Tattoo Arts Festival in Beijing 798 Art District.

The little dancer from Chengdu

A 10 year old girl from Chengdu, Sichuan province, can't afford to pay for dance lessons, therefore she exercises every night outdoors with the help of her parents.

Ebox price, Xbox 360 coming to China and more!

According to the CEO of Eedoo, Jack Luo, the Ebox(by Lenovo) will be released during the first quarter of next year. Add a comment

Once upon a time in China:Photos taken by tourist during the Qing dynasty

In 1850, China's Qing Dynasty Xianfeng Emperor (Xianfeng: "Universal Prosperity", 1831-1861) was having hard times.

Second World War American fighter wreckage found in Wuhan

In a construction site near Wuhan a wreckage was found, of what is suspected to be an American fighter shot down in the area during the Second World War.

Pollution in an abandoned paper mill in China

An abandoned mill in Fanxian, in Henan, for years has polluted surrounding area causing health problems for the inhabitants and the death of all the plants within several meters. Add a comment

China's unusual views by Alain Delorme

"Totems" is a photo project by French photographer Alain Delorme.

30 years of Bikes in China

Once China was renowened as "The Kingdom of bikes". Things have changed nowadays.

The future of Chinese toilets!

Public toilets in China continue to gain media attention. Last month, public toilets of Shaanxi Normal University in Xian were in the spotlight since this University decided to install women’s standing urinals.

Brother Reckless, crazy Chinese window washer

I'm sure there must be another way ...

Chinese police forcing vandals to clean up own wallwritings

Have you ever wondered who owns the phone numbers that can be found on many walls in China? Add a comment

Interview with Michael Logan, Next Media Animation

Everybody is talking about Next Media Animation and 3d animated news. Michael Logan tell us more about production progress of their videos. Add a comment

Tiananmen goes green!

During these hot summer days, Tiananmen became a golf putting green. Add a comment

Anti-Secession Law

(Adopted at the Third Session of the Tenth National People's Congress on March 14, 2005) Add a comment

Prostitution raid pictures in Nanning

Over 200 police officers of Nanning Public Security Bureau has launched an attack on the city's underworld  in an attempt to crack down prostitution rings and unlicensed gambling sites in four districts of the city. Add a comment

Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center in Hebei

For the International Day against Drug Abuse, photographers have visited some young women in a drug rehab center in the northern province of Hebei. Add a comment

Shocking pictures of an illegal dog slaughterhouse in China

In China every day are brutally killed thousands of dogs and cats, often in conditions of absolute lawlessness. Add a comment

Adult Breastfeeding in China

Alessandro De Toni, while he was investigating the market of the wet nurses in China on behalf of a media company, has accidentally stumbled into a reality that we had never heard: wet nurses for adults. The following Chat Log with the webmaster of Naimaba, the community for breast feeding lovers.

Qinghai: going back to school after the quake

More than 70 children, just four days after the quake that devastated Yushu in Qinghai Province, followed the lessons in a makeshift school. Add a comment

Living in containers in Fuzhou

Fuzhou. Containers in a construction site are transformed into makeshift dwellings. Add a comment
The National Labor Committee is releasing an in-depth report, "China's Youth Meet Microsoft:  KYE factory in China produces for Microsoft and other U.S. Companies." Add a comment

Qinghai earthquake disaster photos

A deadly earthquake struck in Western China at a magnitude of 7.1. According the Chinese state media the quake struck in an area near the border with Tibet.  Add a comment

Ifeng's paranoia and the U.S. nuclear threat to China

Ifeng.com is one of the most popular websites in China. The website hosts an entire section just about U.S. and Russian Army. Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) signed by Obama and Medvedev, is seen as an imminent threat to China. Add a comment

Impressive images of water pollution in China

Pearl River is one of the world's most polluted waterways. Pearl River has become the first cause of desertification in Guizhou (soil erosion, rampant pollution, damage to agriculture, etc.). Add a comment

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